Summerfest 2010 Poster

Organization Name:
Summerfest Arts Faire
City & State:
Describe your creative piece – what is it and what has it been used for, and why is it innovative?
The creative piece we created is a poster, advertising our event which is an annual summer arts festival celebrating the arts and artists in our region. It is innovative because it integrates original art by one of our participating artists and uses it to invite people to our arts festival.
What issue or problem were you working to address with this piece?
One of our goals this year has been to encourage the underserved Latino demographic to attend our event, to enjoy art and performances they might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in. Our festival features fine art and a diverse selection of music and theater. We have a large Hispanic community in our area and we hope to welcome them to our event with salsa music and reasonably priced fine art and fine craft products. With our poster we attempted to show diversity and community through art and design. We feel this piece shows that. We weren’t able to put all of our offerings on the poster, but the poster directs people to our website which has the full range of activities our event will feature.
How has your submission successfully impacted your organization’s ability to solve this issue/problem?
Our event takes place in June, so we have not yet seen the full impact of our advertising strategy, but we have had a lot of positive feedback about the poster and expect to accomplish our goals.