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Western PA Humane Society
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The mission of the Western PA Humane Society is the prevention of cruelty to animals.

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The Western PA Humane Society is an open door shelter that takes in over 13,000 animals each and every year. In addition to animal sheltering we offer low-cost clinic and spay-neuter services, obedience classes, humane education programs, and animal behavior consultations. We also operate a pet cemetery, and conduct humane investigations seven days a week. Our three full-time Humane Police Officers investigate 1,300 allegations of abuse and cruelty annually, often issuing citations and confiscating animals from dangerous and abusive situations. The WPHS also operates outreach education programs for groups of all ages, teaching compassion towards animals, the value of proper training and care of animals, and the importance of spaying or neutering pets to help prevent pet over-population. During our 135 years of operation we have initiated many animal-related programs and projects that are in line with our goal to help make this region a better place for people and their pets. During 2002, the first year in our current building, 6,624 animals were surrendered. This past fiscal year we saw 13,241 animals come through our doors. That is a 99.9% increase of unwanted animals in just five years. Roughly 36 animals come through our doors every day—365 days out of the year—and this number keeps climbing. Moreover, in an effort to meet this ever increasing number, we “house” animals in every inch of the shelter. Dogs tied to wall hooks and cats waiting in cardboard boxes are daily occurrences in the spring and fall. This dramatic increase in the number of surrendered animals to our North Shore shelter is a direct result of other shelters becoming “limited access,” or to use a popular term “no kill.” Eleven local shelters are now limited access, making the WPHS one of the few options people have when they must surrender their pets. Furthermore, during our last fiscal year, we took in 3,070 animals—28% of our total intake—from outside of Allegheny County, including animals from as far away as West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland and Indiana. As a result, from fiscal year 2003 to fiscal year 2007, the number of animals surrendered at our shelter has increased by a staggering 149%. The Western PA Humane Society is a vital partner both locally and regionally in the effort to manage the sudden increase of unwanted animals. Because we often do not have enough space for all the pets that are dropped at our doorstep, we rely heavily upon our volunteers to foster animals temporarily until we can find them forever homes. Our volunteers also help at adoption events, take our dogs on walks (each available dog gets an average of three walks a day—including weekends and holidays!), cuddle our cats and romp with our bunnies. In fiscal year 2008, we had 633 active volunteers who contributed 15,618 hours (not including foster volunteers). Last year, we had 201 families open up their homes to temporarily foster 1,139 animals! We could not do the work we do without our loyal corps of volunteers that give so selflessly to help the homeless animals at our shelter. As a way to give back, the Western PA Humane Society held a volunteer appreciation dinner at our shelter on April 4th. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Whyle, created a PowerPoint presentation to inspire volunteers, thank them for their enormous efforts for our animals, and to remind them why they do what they do. 137 volunteers attended this year’s dinner. The presentation received a standing ovation and much tears and applause—and many dinner attendees requested copies of the PowerPoint.Our PowerPoint presentation positively impacted the individuals that do so much for our animals and our organization, which increases volunteer retention rates and encourages new people to become volunteers. The Western PA Humane Society, working together with our volunteers, changes the quality of life for over 13,000 people and pets in the region each year. With the right people and technology on our side, we are able to protect animals, re-home them in safe, loving environments and help people in the community who have nowhere else to turn.

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