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The On It Foundation
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The On It Foundation – [Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology] mission is dedicated to providing free computers with along with computer training to low-income families with students in grades K-12 that receive a free or reduced school lunch and reside within the United States.

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Activities and Achievements:The pace of technological change in today’s economy has never been greater. It willaccelerate still further, in an exponential manner. The best jobs created in thetechnology age will be filled by those who possess the skills required to compete forthem and carry them out. The technology-driven marketplace of the 21st century willadd about 20 million jobs to the American economy by 2010 –if we can only educate ouryoung people to fill them.Research shows that only 19 percent of economically underprivileged families owncomputers compared to over 33 percent of middle class households – a gap that haswidened 64 percent over the past five years despite declining computer prices.Students without computers will not be able to compete academically with otherstudents who have access to technology in the home. By not being exposed to technologyon a regular basis now, these students will lack the essential skills needed to competeand excel in the global economy once they enter the workforce.Without the benefit of readily available technology in the home combinedwith appropriate training, youth at their most critical stage of learningand cognition are at a major disadvantage that will limit their educationalachievement, future job prospects and earning potential. The On It Foundationis working to bridge this technology gap through its mission to providefree computers to local disadvantaged households with children in gradesK-12 that meet the required income guidelines. To qualify for free computerequipment, a student must receive a free or reduced school lunch and attenda public school within the United States.The On It Foundation purchases computers from computer outlet stores and receivesdonations of Pentium IV computers or newer and furniture from corporations and individuals. The equipment is upgraded (if necessary) and installed with Microsoft Office Suites by networking engineers who generously donate their services to making sure the computers are fully equipped and operational. The computers are then placed directly in the homes of qualified students by our computer technician. Twenty hours of instructional training in the home or at a partner Community Technology Center (CTC) comes with the computer. The effects of this program can extend to other family members as well. In many cases,the adults in the home who do not possess computer skills are able to learn throughexposure to technology. To date, the On It Foundation has donated over 3000 computers tolow-income families with school-age children in grades K-12. We have also provided over5000 volunteer hours of computer training to the recipients of our computers.The Jump On It Program:The On It Foundation has made further provisions for those families that do not qualifyfor a free computer, yet cannot afford to purchase one because of bad credit or littleor no disposable income. The On It Foundation’s Computer Guarantee Purchase Program –'Jump On It', offers those families a guaranteed way to purchase exceptional, low-costcomputers by partnering with local computer distributors that provide very lowlay-away plans. The computer distributor donates a percentage from the sale of eachcomputer and the revenue from this program goes toward furthering the On It Foundation’smission of providing free computers and computer training to the neediest families.The On It Foundation partners and continues to build mutually beneficial relationshipswith local and national organizations that focus on providing technology and socialservices support. The On It Foundation also provides Internet training and technologyinstruction programs that assist students in becoming comfortable with and efficientin the use of technology. We have also worked with providing job readiness skills withemphasis on advanced learning with Microsoft Word and Excel; resume building usingMicrosoft Word and social service skills navigation via the Internet to the parents ofthe students we serve.The On It Venture Fund:The On It Venture Fund assists our recipients in providing advanced technological skillsets in three areas: 3D-Video/Multi Media/Film/Animation/Gaming, Radio/Music & Technologyand Software Development. The fund will allow incredible opportunities for those studentsthat receive our computers financial assistance, mentoring and provide contacts ofinfluential to help launch their entrepreneurial projects in any of the three areaspreviously mentioned. Many disadvantaged families with students in grades K-12 thatreceive our free computers have created mini movies, music videos and softwaredevelopments that have the potential to become marketable products to many consumersand businesses. History:The Founder's personal history is behind the creation of The On It Foundation. Dueto personal hardships, the Founder was unable to purchase a computer for her daughterwho was struggling in her computer class. After conducting an extensive search fororganizations and businesses that might relinquish donated or surplus computers tolow-income families, she found none that were willing to donate directly to individuals.Therefore, in November 1999, The On It Foundation was founded by Ms. Calvetta Phair.The On It Foundation is a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations with the mission toenhance and expand technology access to economically and socially disadvantaged familieswith school-age children in grades K-12. The On It Foundation collaborates with existingcomputer access centers, education institutions, businesses and the surrounding localarea in order to bring the entire community to bear in the technological advancement andachievement of our Nation’s disadvantaged youth.Purpose of Goals and Outcomes:Process Outcomes:

  • Homes with at least one child receiving free lunches in school will receive a freecomputer.
  • Homes that have received free computers will also receive tutelage in the homes.

Impact Outcomes:

  • Children will learn to use computers efficiently.
  • Children will evince a greater interest in schoolwork after six months on the computeras measure by self-evaluation.
  • Children will demonstrate greater involvement in learning as measured by increases in school grades.
  • Children will experience enhanced self-esteem as evaluated by guided self-reporting of the student.

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