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Kootenai Humane Society
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To focus all our efforts and resources toward directly benefiting the quality of life for all abandoned or mistreated pets with the ultimate goal of finding each one a loving household in which to share their lives.

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It has been said, “I have never met a human who has treated me as well as my dog or cat”, and yet, as a civilized, advanced society, we kill more than 4 million of our faithful companions each year because there are not enough loving homes or lifetime owners to care for them.


TechSoup and Microsoft Technologies has partnered with Kootenai Humane Society to save thousands of lives every year. Not only does this partnership save lives, it also changes lives and makes the world a better place to live. With out their assistance, Kootenai Humane Society would be half the organization it is today.


Kootenai Humane Society was founded in 1975 to serve the communities of North Idaho by housing homeless, abandoned and abused animals. The original members of Kootenai Humane Society began by taking homeless and abandoned animals in need of care into their homes and garages. A dedicated group of six animal advocates worked very hard raising funds to care for these animals and for a permanent facility to house the growing community’s need for an animal shelter. Bake sale by bake sale, brick by brick they accomplished this monumental task, and on October 1, 1979, the current facility was opened.


The organization soon became the animal control agency for the community, investigating animal cruelty cases and housing the multitude of lost animals for the fast growing community. In 2003, after killing more than 1500 homeless animals a year, a decision was made that killing excess animals was not the answer to the animal overpopulation problem in Kootenai County and changed the direction of the organization. The organization adopted a “No Kill” philosophy. At that time, Kootenai Humane Society ceased all animal control functions and became an adoption center which refused to euthanize adoptable or treatable animals in its care. The organization focused on providing quality medical care and finding lifelong homes for the owner surrendered animals in their care. The organization also focused on becoming a human services organization, helping the citizens of Kootenai County with their animals. An aggressive public spay/neuter program, a food bank for animals and a pets of domestic violence program were also initiated. In 2008, the organization again began housing lost dogs for three local municipalities. Since 2003 with the help of TechSoup and Microsoft, no adoptable or treatable animal has been euthanized for space, time or breed at Kootenai Humane Society.


Thanks to TechSoup, Kootenai Humane Society uses Microsoft Technologies on a daily basis in almost every function of its operations. Animal intake and adoption numbers, surgical and medical records, donor records, statistical analysis for events, volunteer hour tracking, financial recordkeeping and budgeting to name a few are managed daily, weekly, monthly and annually using Excel. Word is used equally as often for donor recognition letters, donation appeal letters to the community and to create professional signage in the animal shelter. Microsoft’s photo editing program allows staff and volunteers to easily edit and post photos of lost and adoptable animals on the website. Publisher allows staff to professionally produce animal cage cards, annual reports, donor related informational documents, event and program brochures for the many events and lifesaving programs offered by the organization. PowerPoint allows Kootenai Humane Society to further its mission of educating the community by presenting its message in a clear and professional manor. Outlook allows staff to communicate with each other on critical time sensitive issues as well as with the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who assist in the care of the thousands of animals KHS cares for.


Most importantly, the use of Microsoft Technologies allows Kootenai humane society to educate the two legged creatures with thumbs on this planet about the benefits of the four legged creatures we share it with.


We can not imagine doing what we do with out the help of dedicated partners such as TechSoup and Microsoft Technologies. This partnership has allowed Kootenai Humane Society to increase the number of clients the organization serves as well as the number of volunteers it recruits. It has enabled the organization to provide new services to the citizens and animals in the community as well as enhance the quality and impact of the services Kootenai Humane Society provides. The use of Microsoft Technologies has also increased the effectiveness of marketing, fundraising and educational outreach for the organization.


Because of your generosity, you have allowed your passion to maximize our potential by changing and saving thousands of deserving lives in our community.

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