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Swept Away Media
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Boca Raton, 
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ourmission is to provide career experiences and trainingfor interested teens and college students in the mediafields.

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In 1999 two sisters Jaime and Amanda Rich started an organization that would give teens and college students a chance to get the kind of experience, training and mentoring that would help them get a job in the media fields. The old saying that you needed experience to get a job but how could a teen get experience if no one would hire them with out experience was really true! Especially this year as the economy worsened, teens and college students with experience and marketable skills were the only ones with a shot at getting ajob!

Over the past 9 years over 2000 teens have particpated in our free program of mentoring and training. The kids learned to write, shoot, edit and direct their own television program as well as contribute articles and stories to Todays Teen Magazine which was part of the Palm Beach Post. Our biggest project to date was our book "Off the Bus and On the Record" published by Zest Books (San Francisco). The book was a collaborative effort between our teens and editor Aaron Burgess. Each selected interview was transcibed and then re-written in Microsoft Word. Pdfs were created with Adobe Acrobat Professional. If not for our ability towrite and re-write with the latest version of Microsoft Word our collabortive efforts would have been impossible. The book will be out in June 2009 and it would not have been possible without our donated Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Pro software. Word makes it possible for many teens to work on a project and to share and re-write their efforts before publishing.

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