Spay/Neuter Clinic at the Camden County Animal Shelter

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Camden County Animal Shelter
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New Jersey
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The Camden County Animal Shelter was built in 1997 by the Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders in response to the overwhelming stray/unwanted animal population in the county that overburdened other local shelters. The shelter provides refuge for over 5,500 animals per year from all over Camden County, NJ. The mission is to find loving homes for orphaned companion animals and provide low cost spay/neuter services to the community.

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In 2007 the Camden County Animal Shelter began a low cost spay/neuter cat clinic open to all Camden County, NJ residents. For only $35 CCAS will spay/neuter and vaccinate any cats brought into the clinic. The first clinics went very well but the lack of technology was limiting the number of animals that could be serviced purely because the paperwork took a very long time to complete. As the paperwork was done manually, the bottleneck was the number of available volunteers who could facilitate the completion and creation of the necessary paperwork used for surgery and other documentation purposes. The Camden County Animal Shelter procured several programs through the software donation program. The most important to our organization was Microsoft Access and Microsoft FrontPage. With the help of several volunteers, with knowledge of database design and form creation, the Camden County Animal Shelter was able to automate all paperwork generation for each feline once they were initially input into the computer. The task of entering each animal into an Access form was given to the shelter office staff so that everything was entered and available ahead of time. The increase in efficiency and effectiveness of our processes helped us increase the number of surgeries performed from 60-70/day to 120-130/day. This remarkable increase has enabled CCAS to perform nearly 2,500 low cost spay/neuter surgeries for our residents. This increase in spay/neuter will result in a decrease in the number of unwanted companion animals born and will help form a stronger pet /parent bond by eliminating the unwanted behavior associated with an unaltered animal. Microsoft FrontPage has also helped CCAS redesign the website so that CCAS can better promote the available services and the overall mission of saving lives and promoting spay/neuter. The re-designed website has attracted more hits from internet traffic and has helped to better tailor the content that CCAS’ supporters need to learn how to adopt an animal, how to schedule a spay/neuter appointment as well as a host of other topics.

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Transformations to Maximize Impact
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