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SAFE in Hunterdon, Inc.
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New Jersey
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In an atmosphere of professionalism, excellence and compassion the mission of SAFE in Hunterdon is to: Provide safety through free and confidential services for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse including all ages, genders, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and abilities; Empower victims, survivors and their families to live enriched lives free from violence; Heighten our community’s awareness of domestic and sexual abuse; End domestic and sexual abuse in society.

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SAFE in Hunterdon, a domestic violence and sexual assault service organization, was able to use the Microsoft donation received through Tech Soup to optimize our mission by stabilizing our technology infrastructure. Our organization is based out of four different locations; the administrative office and outreach center, the children’s services department, the shelter, and the transitional house. Many of the computers at each location had different versions of software that made it difficult for in-house communication, some dating back to 1998. When we updated all of the computers to Windows XP and loaded Microsoft Office 2007, this challenge vastly improved. A document can now be created in one location, sent for review by employees in another location, and saved to the shared file on the network so that any employee can easily access it, when needed. Since SAFE offers multiple services to the same victim, being able to communicate across the agency is critical. One victim of domestic violence might first be served on our 24-hour hotline and then referred to our emergency shelter for housing. She might also need assistance from our legal services department to obtain a restraining order. She and her children may benefit from individual or group counseling to address the trauma caused by the abuse. After she has become stable, she may move on to the transitional housing program, where she can work to save money to move out on her own. All of these services are provided by different individuals within the agency. Smooth and confidential communication about the needs of individual clients provide the continuity of care that can reduce the stress of their difficult situation. In addition to facilitating communication that directly impacts our clients; we have found that the updated software makes us able to correspond more effectively to our current and potential funders. Statistical forms and narrative and financial reports must be completed to demonstrate grant compliance and report on program outcomes. Again, the information for these reports comes from various employees within the organization to the administration office, via e-mail. It is imperative that this information can be viewed, compiled and submitted in a timely fashion. Having the latest software update also facilitates our applications for new funding, as many funders now request that applications be submitted on-line. If a document is sent as an attachment, our organization appears more stable if our document has been produced by a current software program.

We have also been able to integrate the technology directly into our service delivery. Some of the computers that received the technology upgrade are used directly by clients at our Transitional House to look for and maintain employment. These women are benefitting by learning an updated software package, as well as being able to create and send out resumes and cover letters in an easily compatible version. Ultimately, this leads to a decrease in violence and abuse as the clients we serve establish themselves in a new, safe and healthy environment.

Microsoft Office products are also used to create brochures and flyers that raise wareness about the issue of domestic violnce and the services provided by our organization.

The attached photo is of our Candlelight Vigil. This in attendance were made aware of the event through posted flyers, among other media outreach. Due to the confidential nature of our programs, we do not have another image at this time.

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