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Jubilee REACH Center
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Our call is to love our neighbor. We provide a caring and hospitable place to build relationships and earn trust so that we may learn the real needs of people. Ours is then to mobilize ‘the church’ to turn outwards, through acts of service that show the community the real Jesus, transforming the lives of those serving as well as those being served. Our mission is to break down walls and build bridges, connecting local schools, businesses, service organizations, government and the church in community to provide a hand up, not a hand out, building interdependent, sustainable and productive life paths.

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Parent Computer Class

Computers and the internet are now essential to a quality education. Over 800 families in the Bellevue School District do not own a computer and approximately 1,200 do not have internet access. To answer this need, JRC is partnering with the BSD to help introduce their ‘Access to All’ curriculum web program to families on the margins. JRC provides training in basic computer use, then trains families in BSD’s Curriculum Web. Families learn to access their child’s homework assignments, follow their performance in the classroom and communicate via email their teachers, allowing parents to become partners and participants in their student’s education. After completing a 3 to 6 week course, families take home a free computer.

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