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Fairview Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut
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To provide our residents with the best nursing care and rehabilitation services, while enhancing the quality of their life in a dignified atmosphere by using the skills and compassion of our staff, and utilizing the latest advances in technology.

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Fairview used to run on a single server which was at the end of its life span. It was running on an older operating system which was no longer secure. Thus we were unable to utilize features such as Outlook Web Access. Also, because we were running on just one server, all of our eggs were in one basket, so to speak. If the server had a problem, everthing was affected. TechSoup allowed us to upgrade our network. The cost savings of purchasing Microsoft donated software via TechSoup saved Fairview approximately $17,000. Without that savings we would not have been able to perform the upgrades that we have done. We have added three servers to our network spreading out the load and roles so that all of our eggs are no longer in one basket. This improves the performance and stability of our network which improves productivity. These new serevers have allowed Fairview to implement two new lines of business applications (Optimus and SOS) which have replaced our 'overdue to be retired' Abacus program which was difficult to support. Optimus and SOS are modern mainstream healthcare applications which have added many new features for our nursing staff which has resulted in more efficiency, accuracy,and allowed for more direct patient care. It has allowed us to update Microsoft Office so staff can keep up with today's Office productivity suites. It has also made it possible for us to upgrade our mail server so that it is secure and can utilize features such as Outlook Web Access allowing core staff to access their email from remote locations and after hours increasing productivity.

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Stable and Secure Technology
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