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Good Neighbor House
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Good Neighbor House provides community development, family health and wellness through direct services, education and creative partnerships from faith-based values.

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Through a group of dedicated and committed volunteers, Good Neighbor House serves people needing emergency assistance with food, clothing, household items and furniture. Volunteer health-care professionals assist in offering medical, dental and eye care services to low-income working families who have no health insurance and who do not qualify for public assistance.


In order to clearly understand each person's need, a private interview is conducted. Good Neighbor House volunteers strive to fill physical, mental and spiritual voids with Christ-like compassion. Health-care professionals aim to administer a healing touch to those who are suffering.


Good Neighbor House works to create an atmosphere of synergy in the community by fostering cooperative partnerships with other services organizations in order to help bridge service gaps. Educational services are promoted to empower families desiring self-sufficiency.


Good Neighbor House was able to asssit over 15,000 clients who came to us in 2008 asking for assistance with food, clothing, household, furniture and medical needs. We depend on donated items to give to our clients.

We are able to use our new technology to better track the number of clients served and to keep a better inventory of what we have been able to give out and what our agency needs to target to try and get in the form of donations.

We are also able to now keep a better tracking system of our donors and what they are able to comitt to our organization we are also able to establish mailing lists and be able to preesent to our donors a break down of the client demographics that our donors have helped serve.

Good Neighbor House staff does not only work on a set scheudle, they are available whenever an opportunity arises to help others. Our new system also operates on this same path in that staff is now able to access our computers from anywhere outside of our building thus allowing needs to be met as they arise.

We are truley blessed to have the volunteers, donors and commitment of organziations such as yours to help us make sure the needs of the underserved don't go unfilled in this community.

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