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Greater Peoria Family YMCA
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To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. 

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The Greater Peoria Family YMCA was able to afford Microsoft Outlook; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Publisher and Dream Weaver thanks to the support and services provided by Tech Soup. As a result of this generous donation the Development Department has assisted various other departments within the organization to continue to strive towards our mission. To better understand the impact the software had on the organization it is best to begin with understanding the wide dynamic of those benefiting from the services. Our Minority Achievers program participants are of African American descent. These youths aged from 13 to 18 are considered “at-risk” for dropping out of school. These youths come from low income families at which computers are not available to them at home. These youths typically have after school jobs to help pay bills, making it unfeasible to stay at school afterwards to utilize those computers for homework. As a result of this demonstrated need, the Greater Peoria Family YMCA put several computers in various community centers throughout the low income neighborhoods. These youths are now able to come to the YMCA satellite buildings and complete their homework after school. If it were not for the software programs provided by Tech Soup, these youths would not be able to take the opportunity to complete their assignments. From the 2007-2008 school years, the YMCA Black Achievers had a 62% increase of a letter grade in at least one subject. Several participants are participating in after school, extra curricular activities and/or holding down an after school part time job. From the previous participants in the Teen Summit portion of the program 60% have gone to attend a four year university. Furthermore, the Development Department utilizes the software programs to complete newsletter to members and donors. Communication among donors and other community leaders has improved significantly since the implementation of Outlook. Donors feel more connected to the organization and the programs offered and continue to assist the YMCA with funding increased. Accomplishments include increase donor retention rates to 85% compared to previous 52.5%. Implemented volunteer training and policies. Recruited 57 volunteers in 2009 for a total of 472 volunteer hours served year to date. Member retention rate is currently 90% as compared to 75%. Currently, the Greater Peoria Family YMCA received Dream Weaver and plans to have a new interactive website up and running within a few months. This new initiative will allow for parents to email camp counselors with questions and stay up to date on current curriculum of programs.

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