Microsoft Small Business Server to the Rescue

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Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County, Inc. (HFHSSC)
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HFHSSC works in partnrship with God's people from all walks of life in need, to build affordable , safe and sdecent housing. Our vision is to build hope for families through affordable home ownership.

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Small Business Server to the Rescue

Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County (HFHSSC) has been in the Venice Florida Community since 1992. So far we have built 48 affordable “energy star” homes that have placed more than 180 low income area residents in homes of their own with help from over 4000 local volunteers. This past December HFHSSC started to recognize that our technology needs could not keep pace with our demanding correspondence needs. The mountain of construction documents, support lists plus particulars of our programs and needy families, was vastly growing and had to get organized and assessable. Our Habitat partners try to keep their confidence and faith up during this rigorous year long program, but if we are not organized and professional why should they follow our advice and lead? Habitat is not a hand out, but a hand up, that requires a dedication to our programs process. Having the integrated Small Business Server Premium Edition has helped HFHSSC to supply more hope and homes during theses unsettling economy times.

Microsoft’s new “Stable and Secure Technology” has already saved precious efficient office time, protected hardware, and lots of efforts with all of our dedicated volunteers and staff with multiple levels of computer experience.

The new server has allowed us to optimize our existing hardware, enhance the quality of our program materials and to expand and better direct our mission’s outreach and impact over the World Wide Web. Our website was old and tired, our programs ran slow, we could not instantly connect with each other, security was an issue, our outreach had no internet reach and we had no way of accepting donations or inquires on line. The upgrade network server helped us build our technological foundation for current needs and future growth with tools that produce smiles, not tears of frustration. So we secured a grant and ordered the server.

Wow! What a difference a server can make in productivity.

The security and access to each other calendars alone has amplified our daily practices. Allowing for better organizing, planning, and setting up meeting dates, sharing files and contacts. The server software has allowed Habitat to have a better professional edge, look and feel.

Our website has been improved, enhanced and has become downright appealing and attracting a wider audience.

As we have become more reliant on this information sharing, our office effectiveness has shown signs of increased capacity from our increased numbers of inquirers. People should feel confident with the people they are working on their financial issues with, as in Habitat’s home purchasing program. Low income families, seniors and veterans deserve respect when looking for assistance in a time of need, because their lives are already stressed. If an organized does not seem comprehensive or trustworthy, hope does not get a chance to materialize and problems do not get resolved. Without families that need a simple decent home Habitat would not exist. That is our mission, to eliminate poverty housing from the face of the earth and to make poverty housing socially, politically and religiously unacceptable in the hearts and minds of all people. Our new small business server has been the medium that has made this mission a reality. Thank you Microsoft for sharing your vision to help non profits perform as profit bearing companies do. You certainly came to Habitat’s rescue.

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