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Easter Seals West Kentucky
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The mission of Easter Seals West Kentucky is to create solutions that change lives of children, adults and families with disabilities or other special needs.

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Microsoft Impact Story Category 3:Easter Seals West Kentucky

Easter Seals West Kentucky creates solutions that change lives of children, adults and families with disabilities or other special needs. Our computers operate with donated Microsoft products that provide our staff and consumers with a high level of return.

Microsoft software donations enable us to not only streamline information flow in the organization but to also evolve and develop new outreach programs. Utilization of these donations reaches throughout our business, empowering us to become more organized and informed as a whole. We are able to define areas that need more attention and focus on those areas to provide a higher quality of service.

Over time our organization has transformed from a business with no interconnectivity to one where all staff have networked systems. This, in a large part, is due to the Microsoft donations. Although a local business donated computer hardware, no useable software was in place. Once the software was in place, information exchange and communication became greatly enhanced. This in turn increased our efficiency and enabled us to increase the effectiveness of our programs. By developing custom Access applications and setting up Server 2003 for Terminal Services, our Employment Specialists now access their files from virtually anywhere, resulting in more accurate records and a large reduction of redundant record keeping. Administration staff maintains accurate training records using Access. They use Excel and Access for accurate reconciliation of billing with outside services. The donations also took us on an unexpected turn.

Once the staff computers were in operation, some of the replaced computers were utilized as a computer lab for our adult individuals. The individuals use the computers to learn basic computer skills, surf the internet to learn about their favorite subjects, or even write their life stories. The additional computers left over were given to local elementary school. This opened a whole new area of service for us. Because of the need in our area and the cooperation of our community, we have become a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. This program expanded our outreach to include schools in two western Kentucky counties and we hope to add an additional county by early summer.

With our agreement with a local recycler, we are making a positive impact on our environment. Any computer or parts that are unusable are stored at our facility and then taken to a local recycler.

Without Microsoft donated software obtained through TechSoup, our organization would not be able to maintain our high level of service with the accuracy we need. The individuals we serve would not have some of the opportunities to learn new technological skills. In addition, the ability to put refurbished computers in the hands of low-income school children, as well as individuals with disabilities and special needs, would not have happened. The impact of this alone can only be imagined.

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