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Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks, a 501c(3) organization
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Silver Bay, 
New York
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The Mission of Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks is to offer all people opportunities to renew, refresh and nurture their spirit, mind and body.

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Microsoft's Impact

Microsoft technology is crucial to Silver Bay's mission of offering "all" people opportunities to benefit from the healing environment of Silver Bay.

There isn't a computer on our campus that doesn't run the Microsoft Office suite and, in many cases, other Microsoft and Microsoft-based programs to coordinate services efficiently and offer the world at large access to Silver Bay. OUr mission is strengthened by the power of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, Internet Explorer, and many Microsoft-based programs, such as web-management VSM tools, fundraising Raiser's Edge, guest services SMS Host, Meeting Room Manager, and accounting software Financial Edge.

If it weren't for Microsoft products, and the Microsoft platform, Silver Bay would be severely restricted in its scope and reach. With Microsoft we communicate with one another, we organize ideas and numbers, we plan for the future. Our budget is planned and executed with Microsoft Excel. OUr fund-raising letters are written on Microsoft Word. OUr annual "State of the Bay" report to trustees is produced on Microsoft Power Point. Our catering guide is published on Microsoft Publisher.

More important than our internal operations is how Microsoft products have allowed us to expand our reach to those who have never heard of us or experienced a healing environment like Silver Bay.

Thanks to Microsoft we are able to offer more people rejuvenation and the tranquility we preserve for the benefit of all on the norhern reaches of Lake George.

Even though our community and outreach programs have historically been extensive, Microsoft products have allowed Silver Bay to further its mission of making a difference in the world and, in particular, allowed us to focus on three specific areas of critical importance:

1. A military program for returning soldiers and their families

2. Children's development programs

3. Leadership development programs

1. Military Family Program

"Too many military families are quietly coming apart at the seams." Washington Post

Silver Bay is offering a complimentary renewal and refresh package to returning soldiers to give them an opportunity to reconnect with their families and to express our apreciation for their services. Silver Bay can be a leader in providing military families with a place to relax, heal, strengthen and grow. The vision of this program is to develop an on going retreat opportunity for returning military members and their families and provide a safe place for them to reconnect with one another and begin to relieve some of the stresses that result from the war. The future of the Military Family Program at Silver Bay relies on building a broad based awareness of our program, procurement of funding, and development of programs that meet the needs of military families. The addition of Microsoft Outlook would allow for such a future.

2. Children's Development Programs

"Our Children are our most important asset."

Silver Bay provides a number of different programs for over 5,000 children each year and we hope to increase that number substantially. The after school and 21st Century programs we have provided for local schools has resulted in substantial improvements in the performance of students in the area. Scholarships for children to attend our after school and summer camp programs have also made an impact on the lives of families in the community. In the words of one mother, "My son and I live in the City and we've never been to a place like this. It's so spiritual. We really want to come back."

3. Leadership Development Programs

"One of the greatest problems with our youth is their low self esteem."

In the fall of 2009, Silver Bay will launch a new program for middle school students to develop a greater sense of self worth and to learn and practice leadership skills, such as real-world skills, problem solving, communication, teamwork, positive decision-making, and character development. This program will initially be offered to schools in the northeast region. Our leadership training programs currently serve several college groups in our area - RPI, Albany, Union College, St. Rose, Springfield College and many others. The goal is to build strong future leaders and create stronger communities. Microsoft technology allows for smooth daily operations and delivery of quality programming. The website allows for program awareness and the expansion of our clientele.

If awarded this gift, Silver Bay will use this software and money to eliminate our current products Novell and GroupWise and replace with Microsoft networking and Microsoft Outlook. This change will allow us to transform our service delivery in a way that provides maximum impact for all of these vitally important programs, as well as impact our ability to work more efficiently, utilize our current software to its full potential, and increase our ability to reach out, benefit and touch the lives of many more individuals and families.

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