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Hospital Hospitality Houses of Saginaw, Inc.
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Hospital Hospitality Houses of Saginaw seeks to provide a “home away from home” for out-of-town families and patients receiving medical treatment in one of our area hospitals. Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, we provide lodging and a network of care to families in need during their medical crises.

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Hospital Hospitality Houses of Saginaw(HHH) have been serving the community since 1984. However, in March of 2009, HHH made a major move to providing services to our guests at a much more convenient location, with the help of the Microsoft technologies we received through Tech Soup donation program. The physical location of our building makes a significant impact to our guests who are all unfamiliar with our city upon arrival and are also under the extreme stress of having a loved one hospitalized. We are now located on two of the major hospital campuses in our city, making that transition included major technology upgrades to be compatible with the hospital's network.

Our new McNally House, located on the campus of Covenant HealthCare, received software from Microsoft that was compatible with the computers that were donated generously by the hospital. As a non-profit, we rely on these donations to keep track of our donors, our volunteers, and to stay in touch with our guests. We are here for guests of Hospitality House during some of their most difficult times, the loss of a family member, new diagnoses, and babies born prematurely. We strive to meet their needs while they are here and to show them that they are remembered after they pass through our doors.

Thank you for the charitable mission you have integrated into your business. The donations truly make a difference at our Hosptial Hospitality Houses. To be able to send a thank you letter to our supporters typed in Word, to inform a new group of local college volunteers about the mission of our organization by a Powerpoint presentation, to report to the community our occupancy of how many nights our guests spent with us by an Excel workbook, or to stay in contact with our guests by storing information in our Access database. Each of these makes our organization a better "home away from home."

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