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The Marilyn and Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute
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The mission on July 1, 2003, the Marilyn & Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute, Inc. was established. The Institute encourages young and old to come together and share their talents, knowledge and resources, allowing their unique personalities, experiences, and expectations to shape their interactions. The Marilyn & Gordon Macklin Intergenerational Institute is a not-for-profit company encompassing training, intergenerational initiatives, consultation services, research, continuing education opportunities, and a quality intergenerational childcare center – Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center. The mission of the Institute is… To continually improve lives of all ages through multi-age programming, care, community relationships, and creative communication.

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In keeping with the mission, the Macklin Institute capitalizes the terms Children and Elders to demonstrate the honor and respect that these two populations so deserve. The Macklin Institute has four primary initiatives: 1) Xtreme Aging Training, 2) Intergenerational Certificate Training, 3) Eden apprentice Training, and 4) Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center.

From July 1, 2003, the Macklin Institute employees were all using the same software making communication simple. As time passed new computers were acquired, old ones were still in use. It was soon we discovered that there was a software issue. The old software was not compatible with the new software and communication had become very difficult. After a search on line TechSoup was located, as well as the Microsoft donation section. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 was just one of the offerings, but exactly what was needed at the Macklin Intergenerational Institute. The software has transformed the Macklin Institute because production of professional business cards and brochures is a must. The brochure is shared among staff for editing and printing, making the process less time consuming. Excel is also used to assemble a database for labels; mailings are now up-to-date and easier.

Our first initiative of the Macklin Institute is the Xtreme Aging Training™. The mission of Xtreme Aging Training™ is to bring dignity, respect, and value to the lives of the aging population. Our goal is to inform others about the changing aging demographics or the “Aging Tsunami”. With an increased aging population, it is critical to be aware of the aging process. This awareness ultimately improves customer service and assists in retaining business. A PowerPoint presentation for Xtreme Aging Training™ was created, as well as a training manual. Information is sent worldwide in our quest to increase aging awareness by decreasing ageism. Microsoft has made that job much easier, by providing Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 Macklin Institute is better prepared to inform the world about Xtreme Aging Training™.

Another Macklin initiative is a training that prepares individuals to work simultaneously with Children and Elders-Intergenerational Certificate. A brochure in Publisher and a Power Point were created for the Intergenerational Certificate Training. Using Excel, we now have a data base for contacting potential trainees, who eventually become Intergenerational Guides. Following the training, Guides are prepared to create multi-age initiatives and integrate the “FamilyRoom Approach” into an intergenerational setting. The “FamilyRoom Approach”, which is a strategy that is based on a relational environment… This approach encourages holistic development, a family-like setting, and a unique organizational structure. “The FamilyRoom Approach”, practiced at the Macklin Intergenerational Institute, serves as a model for international replication.

Publisher was essential in printing the flyers for the Eden Apprentice Training, and creating an effective Power Point. A third initiative of the Institute is Eden Apprentice Training an interactive learning experience that introduces young people, ages 11 to 18, to a new way of seeing care and Elderhood. Through the principles of the Eden Alternative, the ultimate goal of Eden Apprentice is to empower youth participants to become “change agents” at the grassroots level – living by example; they have the opportunity to play a crucial role in shifting the culture of care and perspectives on aging in our communities. The Eden Apprentice concept was inspired by the notion that deep transformation relies firmly on education of the young and older alike.

The Fourth imitative of the Institute is Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center. The mission of the center is to encourage the social, physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual growth of young Children while providing them the opportunity to interact with Elders is licensed by Ohio Job and Family Services to provide year round care, 6:00am to 6:00pm for children 6 weeks to school age. Many extracurricular activities karate, swimming, music, and Spanish are also offered at the center. Brochures and flyers produced using Publisher allow Marilyn’s Lifelong Educational Center to pursue varied audiences, while informing the population of the benefits of combining the Elders and Children on a daily basis.

The Microsoft Office Suite is used in all aspects of Macklin trainings. For example, Microsoft Outlook enables the Macklin Institute to reach an amazingly large number of people, allowing us to get our information to as many people as possible. Microsoft Word and Publisher are used to create promotional materials as well as training materials, empowering the Institute to be creative and promote Macklin’s important messages ageism and care in our society. Power Point presentations are also an important part of our training material. Power Points for each training have been produced as for presentations and conferences that provide clear pictures for the visual learners. Without Microsoft the Macklin Institute would not have reached the national and international market and have the captive audiences that are entertained and educated at the present moment.

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