Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch

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Lives Under Construction Ranch
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To provide the opportunity for at-risk boys to become capable, contributing, and responsible citizens.

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Lives Under Construction Boys Ranch is a residential treatment program for boys at-risk (age 7 to 21) who have gotten into trouble with the law or having problems at home. For most boys, it is their last chance to lead a successful life. The LUC program provides the opportunity for boys to become productive, responsible members of society through a balanced program of unconditional love, academic instruction, and vocational training. LUC celebrates a success rate of 92% for program graduates.Our organization has acquired the following Microsoft technologies: MS Streets and Trips, Cisco Switches, MS Math, MS Office, MS Windows XP, and MS Tutorial. These items have definitely enhanced our current program services as well as enabled new services to our residents. The MS Streets and Trips software has increased the effectiveness of our community service program. Our Service Coordinator utilizes the software to plan routes to destinations throughout southwest Missouri. As part of our residential treatment program, our residents provide daily services (i.e. lawncare, moving assistance, landscaping, etc.) to low-income households, the elderly, and or disabled individuals. Utilizing the MS Streets and Trips software, we are able to plan trips in a more cost-efficient manner as well as provide clear directions to specified locations (which reduces wasted trips and/or unnecessary gas usage). The Cisco switches allow more than one person to access the internet at a given time. This is especially important to this organization, as we have numerous staff members needing access to the internet on an ongoing basis as well as residents who need to access their education courses. Our organization provides an accredited, online education program for our residents to earn their high school diploma, GED, or to recover lost credits. We currently have 20 boys enrolled in the on-site school program. Additional resources used to help the residents become better students include MS Math, MS Office, MS Tutorial, and MS Windows XP (all of which have been acquired through TechSoup). The MS Windows XP and MS Office have also been used to increase the effectiveness of our various programs and services. Our Director of Development uses the Microsoft products on a daily basis to help spread awareness of the LUC program through newsletters, newspaper articles, magazine articles, invitations to fundraising events, appreciation cards/letters, and more. Microsoft Outlook is used frequently by various staff members including administration, counselors, and childcare workers. Memos are sent electronically to all staff members, which saves time and money. Electronic invitations and/or notices of upcoming events are sent to current and potential supporters of the LUC program. Counselors are now using electronic communication to residents’ parents, which also saves on resources and provides parents with timely updates. Parenting tips and advice to help struggling parents nationwide are now being sent electronically. LUC Boys Ranch is an organization that operates primarily on donations from individuals, civic organizations, and businesses. We do not receive state or federal funding to operate our programs. LUC serves primarily low-income families who are desperate for outside assistance and support. Through our program, parents are able to retain parental custody while receiving residential treatment services for their son. Microsoft products acquired through TechSoup allows for additional money to be spent on programs that directly impact boys’ lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with TechSoup.

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