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Literacy Instruction for Texas
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The mission of Literacy Instruction for Texas (LIFT) is to enchance lives and strengthen communities by raising the adult literacy rate in Texas

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In 2001, Literacy Instruction for Texas (LIFT), with the help of a community volunteer, designed two top quality Student and Volunteer Databases utilizing Microsoft Access. Information stored in the Microsoft Access Databases makes it possible for LIFT to compile the detailed reports regarding student progress, demographics and volunteer records such as classroom assignments and number of hours volunteered in any given time period. Many funding organizations and foundations require such detailed reporting and the LIFT databases makes this information instantly and easily accessible. . Since 1961, LIFT has been teaching adults to read for free through classes offered at 48 sites in Dallas, Tarrant and Collin counties. In the past twelve month period, more than 8,500 adults learned to read through classes offered in Basic Adult Literacy, GED Preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL) and Family Literacy. LIFT has only nine paid staff and all classes are taught by more than 575 community volunteers. Each student, volunteer and class is tracked in the LIFT Student Database. This ensures that student record progress, volunteer information and classroom information is current and easily accessible by all LIFT staff. The quality and reach of LIFT services is enhanced by the information tracked in the Microsoft Access Databases. The databases are simple enough to be managed by LIFT clerical staff allowing middle and upper management to concentrate on training volunteers, working directly with client services and developing/revising curricula. Tracking student progress, including classes taken, scores received and goals met, through LIFT coursework is easy, quick and accurate, thereby providing valuable information for assessments and adjustments as needed for success. In addition, detailed records are kept on each of the current 575 LIFT volunteers and the 1,000 non active volunteers. Information includes address, phone number, demographics, each class taught by the volunteer and the number of hours given in service. (examples are provided as attachments)

Through custom designed reports (examples provided as attachments), LIFT is able to provide detailed reporting outcomes. These reports provide such information as student demographics in percentages and actual numbers, progress achieved on student personal goals, registration numbers, student retention, total volunteer hours and the value of these hours. Ease of this reporting, again frees up staff to spend more time directly interfacing with clients and volunteers.

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