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Lakestate Industries, Inc.
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Lakestate Industries, Inc. is dedicated to helping people recognize and maximize their abilities, overcome barriers, and support them in reaching their highest level of employment and community inclusion.

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Lakestate Industries is Delta County's leader in work training and job placement for persons with barriers to employment. Our Organizational Employment Program gives an individual an opportunity to become more productive and self sufficient by expanding their work experiences and by helping them understand the values and rewards of work. Lakestate's Community Employment Program provides individuals an opportunity to achieve economic independence and contribute productively to their community by obtaining and retaining employment.

Currently we serve approximately 187 persons through both programs; diagnoses include developmentally disabled, mentally ill, as well as physically challenged individuals. As one might imagine, keeping a database up-to-date with that many individuals is a full time endeavor. Our Program Director does a fine job using Microsoft Access database tools. Demographics of the persons served are tracked (gender, age, diagnosis, severity of barriers to employment; how well these persons progressed on their chosen goals; attendance; percent of consumers that either maintained or improved their WASI (Work Assessment Skills Inventory) scores; and the percent of consumers that are satisfied with their services. After collecting the data, it is put into an easy to understand spreadsheet format via Microsoft Excel.

Lakestate's Office Manager has been charged with the responsibility of creating marketing materials. Microsoft Office Publisher has been an awesome tool in producing business cards, and brochures on our services as well as our products. We decided to print these items ourselves because they are updated so often. This way we can make changes whenever we need to. Also, we can produce as many as we need at any time. The next "marketing tool" going to be developed is a small booklet showcasing Lakestate's services and products. "Services" information with pictures of persons with disabilities working on various jobs will be revamped using Microsoft Publisher. Lakestate products will be displayed with detailed information and pictures.

Microsoft Word has been used extensively to produce the many foms that Lakestate needs to run efficient, cost effective programs. Critical forms range from an Orientation Checklist through a form for an Exit Interview. Many of these forms are necessary for daily operations, and also to be in compliance with CARF Standards. In a non-profit corporation, being "CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Accredited" is of utmost importance. CARF Surveyors come to the facility and scrutinize every aspect of the agency's operations. Our funding sources are assured they are receiving the highest quality programming available when they see the CARF Accreditation certificate.

Microsoft products have helped Lakestate track consumer data, therefore operating our programs more efficiently. The marketing tools we have developed will help enlighten our community about our programs. With the new brochures being distributed at key businesses we are already seeing our product sales increasing. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with TechSoup.

Lakestate thanks MicroSoft and TechSoup for the opportunity, as a non-profit, to receive donated or discounted products. We would not have been able to afford these programs without TechSoup assistance.

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