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Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation
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The Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation is committed to improving the quality of life among needy secondary students in communities throughout the state of Washington, by supporting schools to encourage students to stay in school, return to school or get involved within their learning community.

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875 secondary schools in Washington State provided capacity building grants, serving 15,423 Students Our impactWe are in our 46th year of service in Washington State and are in a renewal process. Our Board of Directors has adopted a new strategic plan (created in word) which will guide our future direction. Haas Foundation provides mini-grants ranging from $200 per school to $6200, in both pubic and private secondary schools. These grants are meant to be seed money for the schools to use to leverage for other local funding, combined with a custom website which creates the tracking of the disbursements. The school principal assigns two others to help identify students who are falling through the cracks and may be in danger of dropping out. Because the schools have our funds in advance of the needs they can immediately help an individual student. No application fee, No red tape, No bureaucracy. Our expectation is for the school personnel to help a student on the same day as learning about their need. Here are the acceptable purposes: (another example of Microsoft usage, drafted first in word)Enabled new services, campaigns or programs. During challenging economic times & the growing “pay to play” environment, the need for basic educational support for individual students continues to grow and so does the need for more donors. Haas Foundation has a very good reputation in the schools however the public does not know about us. Therefore, our need to share our stories and to strive to be better mission guardians is necessary. Daily we publish a new story published on our website, as well as every other year we publish a book which features 400+ stories. Utilizing .net with our website, we have created a story manager with volunteer developers from India. This allows the school personnel to submit their year end story and for our editors to login and edit to approve for publication. When compiling our stories for our graphic designer we export from our story manager into Microsoft word the stories, for a final edit and to begin creating/importing in our book. Enhanced quality or impact of service, campaigns or programs. This past year we launched our 1st Statewide Art Contest. Because we are web-based and statewide our contest reflected online technology strategies as well. The student art contest serves middle, junior and high schools students in 6-12 grades throughout Washington State. Our Theme was “the Art of Parity”. "Parity: The quality or state of being equal or equivalent" . We utilized several Microsoft Applications to implement this contest such as an excel spreadsheet was used for tracking submissions and judging outcomes. Microsoft Word was used to create thank you letters, and draft text for our website.Increased reach or impact of services, campaigns or programs as a result of more effective marketing, fundraising or educational outreach. With the schools we fund, each building has a Principal, school coordinator and alternate coordinator who need to receive support and training. This year we have split up our training using PowerPoint and have created 5 different PowerPoint trainings which are available on their password protected website.We have two full time staff and 3 part time staff and have an estimated 80+ volunteers throughout the year. We use Visio to document our business processes to help with change management and support quality training. This is very helpful during our audit, during orientation of new hires, and in evaluating what needs to be captured or documented. How Using Microsoft Technology has helped us advance our mission:Microsoft’s technologies have helped us design and build a fully proprietary online donation and grant tracking service that has stewarded all of these donations. Each school is provided a web-site to manage it’s disbursements for individual students. We are a web-based 501 c-3 non profit and have reliance on dependable technology solutions that our volunteers and staff can utilize. Microsoft’s technologies support our fully proprietary online extranet site for our 875 schools. Each school team of three people login and enter each disbursement made to their students in need. We manage our mission through our volunteers. We have typically two part-time web contractors who each work with 3 to 4 web development volunteers from two countries and 7 states, leveraging our donations and limited resources. We use:

Windows Small Business Server, with Sharepoint supports our small network (10+ computers) and intranet- (Donated by a volunteer who works for Microsoft).

· The .NET Framework and ASP.NET for our applications (used with our host provided for our web development).· SQL Server 2008 for our databases (used with our host provided for our web development)· Use of Visio (purchased through tech soup donation): Creation of documentation for business development processes · Word(purchased through tech Soup donation): for our story books, with editors worldwide, and stories statewide. · Excel (purchased through tech soup donation):our improved budget process· PowerPoint for training of our volunteers and 2700 school principals, coordinators and alternates.

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