Impacting Historic Preservation: An advocacy case study

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Preservation Trust of Spartanburg, Inc
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South Carolina
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"The mission of the Preservation Trust of Spartanburg is to preserve historic structures in Spartanburg through rehabilitation, education and advocacy.”

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Impact Essay

When the Preservation Trust of Spartanburg enrolled last year with TechSoup, it changed the way our organization communicated its mission. Before, newsletters were basic, and our previously donated Thinkpad was useless. Enter Microsoft products...and a world where newsletters and mailings are sleek and informative, thanks to Publisher and where presentations are visually appealing in Power Point. The software improved our outlet to communicate our message of preserving neighborhoods, architecture, and character. It enabled us to reach out to the local community, as well as better engage other South Carolina cities who wish to model our organization's successes in affordable housing and preservation initiatives. Recently, our staff presented to the City of Rock Hill utilizing our laptop, Power Point (see presentation attached), and a projector borrowed from a local foundation. The presentation ended in a walking tour, so Rock Hill participants could physically walk the areas highlighted in the Power Point presentation.

Adding Microsoft Publisher allowed our staff to better create and publish brochures, applications, advertisements, newsletters, and invitations, including the invitation for our 10th Anniversary Celebration. This program is not only easy to use, it has also saved us time and money, eliminating the use of professional design services and their printing costs. Saving money is a goal in running an effective business, and this is no different in the world of a non-profit organization. Publisher has also enabled the creation of postcards for neighborhood events and has, ultimately, connected us with the residents and future residents we serve.

Non-profit organizations like the Preservation Trust of Spartanburg rely on technology every day to deliver their mission and assist others in reaching a goal. We collaborate, forming partnerships to improve operations each day. Tech Soup and Microsoft have assisted our organization in advocating for housing, for historic places, and preservation of our communities.

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Optimize Mission Delivery