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Flagler Habitat for Humanity
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Flagler Habitat for Humanity is non-profit, ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating substandard housing from Flagler County Florida and around the world through the building of simple, decent, affordable homes for families in need. Our mission is realized through partnerships with our families, and engaging the broad community through inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships.

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Habitat for Humanity is a unique organization creating homeownership opportunities for families in need. Our partner families invest in their home through "sweat equity" or volunteer time. Each homeowner invests 250 into building their home, other Habitat for Humanity homes and through our Homeowner Training Series. Each homeowner pays full price for their house, through a 0% interest mortgage. Our costs are kept low through volunteer labor and generous donations. Flagler Habitat for Humanity is very proud of the fourteen (14) week Homeowner Training Series we have created for each partner family as they go through the process of becoming homeowners. Our goal is to equip our homeowners with the greatest tools to move forward as homeowners and through life. Our training series includes such topics as; credit counseling, home care and repair, budgeting, closing documents, insurance, Habitat for Humanity basics. The generous donation from Microsoft has allowed us to enhance the experience that our partner families have going through our classes. We now have three computer stations set up in our office where our partner families can come and work on a new computer based program, "Recipes for Success" enhancing their financial success today and as they go through life. This tool is instrumental in setting our partner families on the right path through homeownership. Another opportunity our partner families have for our computer systems is they can utilize our computers for Habitat for Humanity University courses which explain the basics for Habitat for Humanity and give them a certificate for their achievements. Further, we are so glad to be able to extend our computer stations to partner families and homeowners who are able to utilize these computers to use Microsoft programs to create such things as résumés, school documents, access to online job opportunities or any other family needs. We have had partner families create resumes, search online for jobs and successfully gain employment. We have seen incredible results in our partner families who have had access to our computers; it has given them confidence, motivation and a better sense of self. Many of partner families have even taken the step to further their education. Flagler Habitat for Humanity has had the opportunity to partner with Flagler Adult Education and their Make It Take It Program, a program to teach them how to utilize a computer, Microsoft Office and how to build a computer. As a graduate of this program each partner family receives a free re-built computer. Flagler Habitat for Humanity, as an affiliate, has been able to raise awareness of the incredible work that we do through this donation. We have created a power point presentation that we use to reach the community as we are continually telling people about our mission through speeches and Habitat 101 Orientations. Our mission is able to reach so many more people as we have the best tools to disseminate this information. The database Habitat for Humanity uses to track all of the information on donors, volunteers, partner families and homeowners is Access based. Before we received the donation from Microsoft we were not able to track this information in a uniform and succinct manner. We are now successful in data management which has enhanced our communication, professionalism and fundraising goals within the affiliate.It is through this donation from Microsoft that we have been able to enhance the Homeowner Training Classes for our partner families, created access for their education and employment and Flagler Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Ultimately we are able to impact lives through the building of the "American Dream" of successful homeownership.


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