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Vision: Keeping America technologically strong by promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers especially in underserved communities.

Mission: To educate, motivate and enable more uderserved students to achieve careers in STEM. To develop and leverage Hispanic STEM talent to play a leadership role. To engage families, educators and employers to support underserved students and communities in STEM careers. To inspire or nation through recognition of the achievements of Hispanics and other role models in STEM. To lead collaboration and cooperation within the STEM community.

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In the past few years, with the assistance of TechSoup and Microsoft HENAAC has grow exponentially. Although HENAAC is a small 501c (3) organization, it has major impact on many communities throughout the United States and is known nationally for recognizing and inspiring great minds in STEM. HENAAC has various Programs, events and projects that focus on STEM awareness initiatives for students from kindergarten education to career level professionals, connecting multi-areas of engineering and science arenas to the general population.

In 2004, the deployment of Windows 2003 Small Business Server directly impacted how the organization communicates and manages its data resources. It has provided shared data resources using SQL Server to store client and program data. A central communication tool using SharePoint services, shared calendars and contacts using Exchange and Outlook. It has given HENAAC mobility and flexibility by providing remote access with Outlook Web Access and Windows Smart Phone device connectivity. It also provides network security, a key component of any business network. The Windows Small Business Server is HENAAC’s backbone and a resource it depends on daily to achieve its Mission and Vision.

Microsoft Office, 2003 and 2007, is another comprehensive tool used daily at HENAAC. The Microsoft Office Suite allows HENAAC to create thousands of professional and effective documents using Word. HENAAC also analyzes, stores, and displays critical business data using Excel and Visio. Stunning and informative PowerPoint presentations and printed pieces and publications are easily created using Publisher. Staff and Volunteers communicate and share information using Outlook. Without the Microsoft Office Suite, most of HENAAC’s day to day operations would be a challenge.

Using the TechSoup Donation Program, Microsoft has given HENAAC an increased capacity to meet and exceed expectations in all of its programs and projects. HENAAC’s outreach capacity has increased dramatically to over 50,000 people in 2008. Using the Microsoft donated software, the quality and reliability of communications, documents and data has allowed the organization’s staff, volunteers and contractors to focus on the Mission and Vision.

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