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Highlands Educational Literacy Program, Inc.
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Mission Statement: To provide literacy instruction in reading and basic computer skills for the adult residents of Washington County, VA. Changing lives one word at a time.

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The present staff of the Highlands Educational Literacy Program, started using Microsoft Word in 1995. After using an electric typewriter, Microsoft Word seemed like a new and different world. Over the years we have used this processing program to produce fliers, letters, fax, postcards, invitations, data sources, merge letters, labels, clip art, news articles, and many other forms, tables, newsletters, and documents we created to use with our program.

One way we have increased our range of clients is by creating appealing posters and fliers that attract potential tutors for workshops and trainings. HELP uses volunteers to tutor adult students to improve their reading and basic computer skills and thus improving their lives. These tutors go through a 6.5 hour training for which HELP creates certificates.

Another way we use this technology is to teach students to use the computer. Our students have learned to use Microsoft Word using the software donated by Microsoft. One of our students took a college computer course through Phoenix University learning Microsoft Word 2007, but before she could do that she had to take our computer course to learn to use the computer. In our area many people are without jobs and need to learn new job skills to improve their employability. HELP has developed a program to teach computer skills and to help students reach their goals. Several students were interested in learning how to use a digital camera and the My Pictures folder was a great place to start. HELP has worked with 42 computer students this year, 26 who have met their goals and 16 who are still enrolled. Several of the computer students have obtained jobs or retained their job because of the computer training they received from HELP. This has impacted our community in a very positive way. Without the donated software we could not have helped these students.

HELP uses Microsoft Publisher on a regular basis to create fliers, newsletters and brochures. An example of fliers created in Publisher is located on our website at on our Calendar of Events page.

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