Graduation-Fundraiser Luncheon for Deaf and HOH Teams

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The Hearing Dog Program
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San Francisco, 
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Improving independence and quality of life through highly trained Hearing Dogs.

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Our Hearing Dog Program reaches more clients and donors through the use of a new e-newsletter, recent graduation-fundraiser of 4 Hearing Dog Teams and implementation of our website design, which allows applicants to contact us directly. Our clients are deaf or hard-of-hearing, so new technology and writing is imperative to their ability to communicate. When we procurred Word, Excel and Publisher through TechSoup, we opened up that communication. We are proud to serve our graduates and the deaf community with Microsoft Technology. Our volunteers developed our policies, created our website and are the backbone of our non-profit. Our donors use our website to support us. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you our wonderful experience.

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Optimize Mission Delivery
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