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To make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of children, adults and families with special needs. We accomplish this by providing education, healthcare and housing services.

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Microsoft products and services have helped Fraser optimize knowledge about services, expertise and programs. It has also given us the opportunity to share news about events, volunteer opportunities and job openings with in the organization. With the help of Microsoft technologies Fraser is able to impact and make a difference in approximately 194,847 lives! Fraser has chosen to submit for the category of technology solutions that optimize mission delivery. Fraser strives daily to increase the number of children, adult and family lives by making a meaningful difference in them. We do this in the areas of education, healthcare and housing services. Fraser employees use Microsoft publisher to create flyers, program sheets and event/seminar announcements. Being able to create these publications ourselves saves us from having to hire outside the company and pay someone else to do them. As a nonprofit we are always looking for ways to save money and make sure that we continue to maintain the low overhead costs allowing nearly 89 cents of every dollar to support our clients through quality programs. Attached is the Fraser 2008 Program Outcomes sheet created in publisher. This document allows us to report outcomes to families, community members, professionals and Fraser employees about what those who use Fraser services think. Program outcome hand outs like this one are very important to Fraser because it allows us to share the opinions and feedback from our clients with potential clients and the community. Getting the word out about Fraser and creating visibility towards our mission and services is one of our number one goals. Majority of Fraser employees use Microsoft outlook every day! One of the main uses of outlook is to send and receive e-mails from families and clients. Fraser has many locations through out the metro area with four independent living apartments, 26 residential homes, Fraser School, Fraser Child and Family Center, Fraser Anoka and Fraser Hennepin Square, not all Fraser employees are able to see each other daily. Having access to e-mail keeps all of our employees and locations connected. Fraser employees also use the outlook calendar daily to schedule meetings. Again, being in separate locations, the outlook tool helps to organize travel and space arrangements for everyone very easily. Being able to compare your schedule along side someone else’s helps save the trouble of guessing at available dates and times. Fraser also uses Microsoft exchange to send mass e-mails to interested parents and professionals about Fraser seminars and trainings. Fraser makes it a mission to share knowledge and support information with the community. In 2008 approximately 1,410 parents and professionals attended seminars hosted by Fraser. With the technology and advancements of Microsoft Fraser has been able to increase the number of children and adults receiving direct services from 2,959 in 2007 to 3,253 in 2008. Fraser has also been able to enhance the impact of service for families served by Fraser. 98% of families surveyed in 2008 said Fraser services made a positive difference in their family member’s skills and/or behavior. With these enhancements in technology we are able to focus more time on directly impacting the lives of children and adults with special needs and strive towards a world where all people have equal opportunity and choice to realize their dreams to live, work, learn and play as members of our community.

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Optimize Mission Delivery