Fighting Human Trafficking through border monitoring along the Indo-Nepal border.

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Free for Life Ministries, Inc.
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The mission of Free for Life Ministries, Inc. is to partner with shelters and individuals globally to meet the needs of human trafficking survivors through financial, emotional, and spritual support.

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<p> Free for Life MInistries, Inc. partners with those on the front lines around the world in the fight against the rapidly expanding global sex trade.  This is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and we have come to find out that those who are doing the work on the front lines often struggle to keep their doors open.  </p><p>We have identified a very worthwhile project that we wished to help support and we were asked to put together a proposal accompanied by a video to promote this project.  </p><p><br />This required several tools including the ability to do word processing in an impactful manner to include pictures, along the the production of a short video presentation (through Windows Movie Maker) that could be used on the website of this particular project.  </p><p>We were blessed to receive Mircosoft Office Suite through Tech Soup.  This allowed us to update software that we wouldn&#39;t have otherwise been able to afford, and in turn allowed us to put together a top-notch professional appearing presentation with a staff of one (1) individual!  </p><p>We found out shortly afterward that our project was accepted and will be one of the projects featured on the Call &amp; Response website under child slavery.  This promotion when fully funded will yield approximately $10,000 dollars to open a border monitoring station along the border between Nepal and India.  </p><p>The statistics with regard to Nepal are heartbreaking as the government estimates that between 10,000 and 15,000 young Nepali girls are trafficked out of Nepal with the promise of a job, a marriage, or through force only to end up as slaves in the brothels of India.  The average age of a young Nepali woman being forced into the brothels is age 15, with an estimated 200,000 Nepali girls held as prisoners in Indian brothels.  Nepali girls are particularly high risk due to extreme poverty and illiteracy in this country.</p><p>Each border monitoring station is capable of preventing up to 300 Nepali girls from ever having to endure this type of physician and psychological trauma.  With an annual budget of approximately $18,000  yearly for a border monitoring station, this means that it costs an average of less than $75.00 to prevent a young girl from being trafficked.  </p><p>We want to thank Microsoft for the software donation through Tech Soup, you contribution is actually helping to change lives around the world!</p>

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