Family Centered Services, Inc.

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FamilyCentered Services, Inc.
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Our Mission is to provide compassionate, respectful, and innovative services that strengthen and support families and their communities.

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Family Centered Services (FCS), incorporated in 1990, is a non-profit serving families and youth through ten programs in three rural counties of Indiana. In 2008, FCS served over 1000 families and utilized over 300 volunteers in the accomplishment of our mission. FCS is constantly looking to upgrade and incorporate new software to expedite and reduce costs in the delivery of services. In 2007, we upgraded our accounting software; in 2008 we revised our website and keep it updated with Microsoft Contribute software. We have been using Microsoft Excel to track programs and outcomes since 2006, building a database that is used by staff on a daily basis. FCS purchased Micorsoft Publisher in 2005 using it to create our brochures, annual reports and special events flyers. A recent example of our impact was in the Healthy Families program at "Mommy Makeover", an annual event where our young mothers are inivited to a light luncheon. Local beauticians, cosmeticians, and photographers volunteer their time as the young mothers receive a makeover free of cost with pictures before and after. This year one of our former "mommy's" who is now a beautician in Michigan called and wanted to volunteer her services and came at her own expense for the event. FCS is all about strenthening families and supporting youth to create a better community for everyone. Without Microsoft products we would find it extremely difficult to accomplish our mission.

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