DAWN (Disciples Advancing Working Neighborhoods)

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Disciples For Christ Community Outreach, Inc.
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New York
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Our mission is to create programs and opportunities that are relevant to the lives and struggles of the participants that will break the cycle of poverty and oppression that holds them down and back from reaching their potential. Disciples for Christ Community Outreach Inc. programs will serve all participants within Monroe County area by assisting low-income families and youth that are socially, and economically disadvantaged.

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ABOUT US: Disciples for Christ Community Outreach Inc. is a non-for-profit charitable outreach organization of concerned individuals working together to advance our neighborhoods and communities by providing training and support for youth and their families that have no or limited access to computers. Our programs target two groups. The primary group is low income families who live from a socially and economically disadvantaged position in life impacted by an array of issues creating barriers to self sufficiency. The secondary group are youth in the same social and economic position that are struggling with issues of unemployability, under education and are children of incarcerated parents putting them at further risk in society. Being a new grassroots organization has not yet received any federal or public funding to run its programs. We have relied on the generosity of an individual community member to set up our community computer training center which is currently located in their residence. Through small donations and volunteers in our community we purchased 6 refurbished computers stations that we currently utilize for job skills training. Disciples was created out of a shared belief within the community that in this modern age of profound transformation of technology and information computer access and internet capabilities as well as skills play a critical role in our forward progress together. We became aware that some groups in our society were excluded from that progress because they were among the disenfranchised. This reality is clearly detrimental to us as a progressive and unified society. A recent study by the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration showed that blacks, Hispanics and low-income households are increasingly falling behind the rest of the population in participating in this emerging information economy. All people must have access to computers, computing skills and Internet resources in order to have an equitable share in our economy. Adding the voices and perspectives of low-income communities and youth add a long awaited missing piece to the internet discourse regarding todays most pressing issues. Disciples have created a model for how universal access to information technologies can be a window to economic, educational and social opportunity. STABLE AND SECURE TECHNOLOGY: The use of Microsoft products enables us to take on more complex or impactful technology initiatives. Microsoft products create a hub for us to implement our organizational and operational efficiency. Our program dependence on Microsoft software helps to train individuals in taking charge of their own lives thru this technology experience. Participants are expected to explore and learn innovative programs designed to lift the barriers that contributed to their ongoing disenfranchisement. Our 8-week extensive computer training program offers word processing classes on the most current Microsoft Office 2007 software, as well as basic typing skills, data base management and spreadsheet applications. This comprehensive preparation for entry-level positions and business administration includes reinforcement of literacy skills. Our basic computer literacy programs allow participants the opportunity to learn the basic concepts of word processing and electronic spreadsheet applications. The program emphasizes the mastering of: 1. Data Entry Applications 2. Word Perfect for Windows (6.1) 3. Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher) Our training programs are tailored in accordance with demand of the current job market. All of our participants upon completion of the programs will have the skill and opportunity to obtain entry-level positions in the workplace. They will also have available our personal individual follow-up which will include: 1. Career Advice, Planning and Coaching 2. Interview techniques 3. Networking 4. Resume Preparation In addition to our computer lab we offer an innovative [vocational and occupational program. Individuals in this training program will acquire a trade skill in new home construction and home improvements. Participants will be able to combine the computer skill of creating estimates with using Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is quick and easy to learn aside for being customized to their design style for creating estimates. They will learn step-by-step how to create their own customized automated spreadsheet estimating program for use with Excel. Excel is a wonderful resource for creating detail sheets, cost breakdown summaries, and linking. Participants will hone their skills in learning to use Excel in estimating concrete, rebar, permit fees, and roofing. Participants will also be able to create a client database of business through Microsoft access with our training. A third aspect of our training programs seeks to produce and empower young entrepreneurs. Our young entrepreneurs program creates learning and growth opportunities for our youth. These opportunities will lead them to embrace great business success and a more fully enriched personal life. The entrepreneurs program is essential to building our next generation of business leaders. It is by helping promising students of all backgrounds gain access to connecting their gifts with the finances, knowledge and technology to reach their goals that we are impactful and effective. Each year students with promise from disadvantaged communities are selected by Disciples to team up with us and volunteer business owners in the inner-city learn and create partnerships. In this partnership we seek to build a safe haven for learning and growth through, graphic design, digital arts, multimedia, leadership development and website design. This allows the young people to have exemplary once in a lifetime opportunities to be their own boss. Recently we purchased Microsoft Encarta Premium 2007, which was [an excellent source for students to have direct access to Multimedia dealing with any subject. This encyclopedia was very easy for them to use and it is a trusted way to explore. Participants shared that when looking for certain topics they were able to find what they needed by going right to the photos, illustrations, videos , articles and the music clips. This was definitely a software purchase well spent. Participants are directed to utilize Microsoft Corporation website where they can find everything they need, such as software downloads, Internet technologies for personal and business computing. Our participants love this website because it saves them time and they didn’t have to create forms and documents from scratch. We will continue utilizing Microsoft products because it has been the key to our many training success.

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