Crossroads Center for Change, "A New Direction"

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Crossroads Center for Change
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The mission of Crossroads Center for Change is to provide an eclectic modality of therapy (a therapy derived by selecting the best components from diverse sources) to address the clients’ needs holistically and assist them in reintegrating into society as productive, responsible, drug and alcohol free members of their community.

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Since 1965, Crossroads Center for Change has assisted adult male felony offenders in reintegrating into society as productive, responsible, drug and alcohol-free members of their communities.

At the beginning of fiscal year 2007, the agency was operating in the technological dark ages. Two computers used by case managers had been purchased pre-owned and were still operating on Windows 98 with minimum memory, the seven-year-old server was being used for minimal data storage, and a multifunctional digital system was being used only to make copies. Information was being shared by hard copy or unpredictable e-mail.

In spite of the archaic technology in the 53-bed facility, during the fiscal year all residential clients received cognitive restructuring work in Intro Group, Criminal Thinking Errors and Male Roles, 98% participated in alcohol and drug counseling and Living Sober Group, 6 individuals received a GED, 9212 community service hours were performed, $2,253 was paid for supervision fees, $8,831 was paid for court costs and/or restitution, $16,158 was paid for child support, gross income of $282,740 was earned by clients, and 92% were employed at the time of discharge.

With the assistance of a small local grant, the agency was able to purchase Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 and a refurbished desktop that included Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office 2003 through Tech Soup along with a few minor hardware upgrades.

The software upgrade for the server facilitated connection of the multifunctional digital system to the server which allowed the administrative and clinical staff to retrieve faxes and scans from their desks and access shared files for blank forms, policies, manuals, and other frequently-needed information.

The software upgrade included in the new computer enabled the agency to implement a desperately-needed accounting conversion and establish two new programs by utilizing more efficient electronic communication with the primary funding source.

The technology improvements have allowed the Crossroads staff to dedicate more time to accomplishing agency goals rather than processing paperwork. As a result, the current fiscal year is reflecting nearly ten percent improvement in client productivity and additional security and safety for our community.

Since supplemental funding sources are scarce for the agency because adult male felons are not usually a favorite charitable cause, technology improvements would be nearly impossible without the generosity of Microsoft and Tech Soup.

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