Counting Positive Heartbeats To Make The World A Better Place

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Give The World Your Heart, Inc.
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To assist charitable organizations in ministering to and encouraging their communities, including, but not limited to, providing ways for all people to express gratitude and thankfulness.

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Impact Essay

Give The World Your Heart is most grateful to Microsoft for your generous donation to us thru the Tech Soup program. Microsoft technologies have contributed immediately to our impact story in the category of transformations to maximize impact.

  • Microsoft’s products have increased our range of clients participating in counting their heartbeats while doing positive activities. We have utilized Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Paint to create, illustrate and communicate benefits of our programs. (Please see file attached files called GTWYH Participation Map)
  • Microsoft’s products have enabled new campaigns and programs for us. An interactive Daily Positive Gratitude Heartbeat Journal was created using Excel to incorporate our DEEPEST program. (please see files attached called Daily log of Positive Gratitude Heartbeats.pdf & DEEPEST.GIF
  • Microsoft’s products have allowed us to create high quality videos by using Paint to create pictures of our Website, Counters and Daily Positive Gratitude Heartbeat Journal. We were able to quickly create a high definition Mother’s Day video and send to prospective strategic partners and participants. This video is now out on You Tube (please see following link
  • Give The World Your Heart is considering further Microsoft technologies and programs to transform making The World better with maximum impact. The next phase of our software will be available on Smartphones and we anticipate compatibility with Microsoft’s Mobile Operating Systems. We would also like to explore contributing to Microsoft HealthVault.

Here is Give The World Your Heart’s Executive Summary. Without a heartbeat we are not alive. With positive heartbeats we live life to its fullest. Give The World Your Heart, Inc. provides programs and tools dedicated to increasing focus and decreasing anxiety at the speed of your very next heartbeat. Gratitude is defined as a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that you have received. Scientists and healthcare professionals have acknowledged and continue to study fields of energy emitted from the heart when humans give gratitude or think positive thoughts. Simply place your focus on gratitude for positive healthy activities such as drinking clean water, eating nutritious foods, exercising, praying and volunteering while you count your total heartbeats. It is so simple to do, however, people tend to immediately put up a defense mechanism, thinking that it is too difficult and it will take too much time. Many people are addicted to negativity that blocks them from participating in positive healthy activities. Negativity leads to all kinds of undesirable health and adverse behavioral consequences. Ironically, people have sought out all types of paths to be in a joyful positive state, since the beginning of human life. For the masses, a positive state seems so illusive, at arm’s length or knowledge that only the exceptional privileged can have. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can be in this positive state, it is there for everyone to achieve. In participation, counting your total gratitude heartbeats will modify your behavior for the better in a joyful non- judgmental way. So please, at your free will just start counting gratitude at your very next heartbeat. The catch phrase “everyone can make a difference” is no longer some nebulas statement thrown around for a temporary feel-good sensation. World Gratitude Heartbeat Counter™ programs and tools offer universal appeal to individuals, healthcare professionals, charities, sports, clergy and other subject matter experts committed to mentoring positive changes. Total gratitude heartbeat counts encourage longer time frames of positive activities that can be presently monitored by the participant. Eventually total gratitude heartbeat count functions will be included in sensors such as exercise equipment, medical devices and sport watches that will persistently monitor vital signs to be shared with coaches, healthcare providers and care takers.

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Transformations to Maximize Impact