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Cornerstones of Care
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Kansas CityKansas , 
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To provide through the collective strength of its member agencies an array of quality treatment, support and preventative services for children and families.

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Cornerstones of Care is a non-profit human service organization that serves over 2,000 children and their families each day from Eastern Kansas, Kansas City metro area, St. Joseph, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. Our organization has strong ties to the community, along with a history of high performance and outcomes. IT provides access for all locations to mission critical software for daily operation and establishes backbone for all internal and external communication.

We have already encountered benefits from having access to current Microsoft technologies through TechSoup. We were able to establish a Microsoft terminal server farm interface for 600 plus internal staff, telecommuting staff, and external contractors to access to our new client management system, which is used to provide improved service delivery for our clients, and report on outcomes to government regulatory agencies. We have better and more complete client profiles due to complete access to our client management system, enabling us to be more precise in service delivery and effective use of limited funding.

From a network perspective, being able to upgrade desktop and laptop OS has improved security for our user community by maintaining Microsoft critical update support. This has almost eliminated any lost documents and client records due to serious virus infections or hacked systems. Having the opportunity to upgrade server OS, Exchange, and SQL has also enabled the user community to have current technology available which translates to enhanced tools. These attribute to improved performance, better communication, and standard databases.

Microsoft Office is the backbone of our internal and external communication system which are explained below:

  • Outlook is used for all internal and external communication; distribution of documents, newsletters, graphics, logos, forms, funding and grant notices, contracts, and surveys.
  • Word is used by virtually every employee as basis for communication, from letters to reports, website articles, and report tables. It is the basis for Development Department’s contact with donors, funders, grantors; and for Foster Care’s contact with foster and adoptive parents.
  • Excel is the standard for importing in and out of Raiser’s Edge donor software; used by Central Business Office for accounting procedures; development of forms used throughout system, and annual reports
  • Access is the basis for collection of data in multiple departments, for 360degree employee evaluations, event attendance, and a variety of satisfaction surveys.
  • Publisher is used for graphic design basics in use at every agency and program.
  • PowerPoint is used for presentation and development of both internal and external use, training classes; and including non-profit classes offered through Notre Dame and other national universities.
  • Project is being used to plan system wide changes and enhancements that improve performance, communication, and collaboration.

As Microsoft Office products have improved and scope has broadened, the ability to create professional documents on limited budgets have improved. Readily available training, both online and purchased, help functions, and tutorials have enabled more staff to develop better skills, enhancing communication skills and professional presentation, at a reasonable cost and effort. Cross platform upgrades have permitted better information sharing and virtually identical document development, especially in area of graphics.

The results are as follows:

  • Enhanced appearance of all public and internal documents – fundraising appeals, newsletters, flyers, and reports.
  • Increased reach of campaigns and programs due to more appealing marketing materials, and the ability to utilize Outlook as distribution mechanism.
  • Availability of templates, forms, suggestions, tips and training from Microsoft.
  • Efficiencies in staff time, networking abilities, organizational structure gained through user-friendly, and accessible assistance software.

Additional Microsoft funding would enable us to continue to make needed improvements in our current technology infrastructure and to bring increased functionality to our system. We could improve our network storage and security with a consistent platform to support our entire organization. We would have the ability to standardize our multiple website platforms and content and add features to improve our outreach to new donors and funders. Additional funding could help us achieve our growth in program expansion through further integration of our back office system and reduction of duplication in current functions. Our staff working in the communities with children and families would have more secure remote access and increased functionality which would allow them to spend more time with families and less time at a desk. Our organization impacts the lives of children and families everyday, and additional funding would support us as we strive to increase our responsiveness to the changing needs of our communities and continue to grow as an organization.


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