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Anderson Community Television
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ACTV Mission Statement

Anderson Community Televisiion (ACTV) shall provide for the residents of Anderson:

1. A public and open forum based on their First Amendment rights of free speech, no editorial control

over their productions.

2. A non-discriminatory membership and democratic forum for its users by which its users have direct

involvement in its management and operations.

3. A broad and diverse volulntary participation by an asssertive outreach effort within the community.

4. Quality equipment and training program for users, which will result in self-sufficient programming.

5. Development of community supoort for the facility and its mission.

6. A medium by which community self-awareness can be achieved and intra-community communications

can be realized.

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Impact Essay

As a not-for-profit three channel community access television station, our monthly support is fixed and our budget very tight. Frugality doesn’t begin to describe how we manage month-to-month. In an industry known for its expensive cameras, high-tech software and labor-intensive job requirements, we experience fiscal challenges nearly daily. When we learned of TechSoup and their mission, we were beyond excited. Through the utilization of TechSoup’s contributors we have been able to streamline and expedite both administrative and technical functions that previously didn’t allow such efficiency. Primarily through the use of newer PCs and Microsoft software, most notably Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Office Pro, we’re now in a position to accomplish more with less. This allows us to focus on our primary mission which is to encourage community involvement in the exercise of their first amendment rights and produce video, with a topic of their choosing, and getting it on the air. We are also responsible for working closely with both Governmental agencies and Educational facilities to film and broadcast their meetings and functions.

Thanks to TechSoup and its donor companies, we are much better able to organize and disseminate information both technical and personal in nature. Keeping our community, our local government, schools, associations and businesses efficiently up to date on both local happenings and filming opportunities is at the top of our priority list. We also utilize the donations received through TechSoup to assist with organizing, scheduling, programming and transferring media as well as for tracking, updating and scheduling our staffing, including our core of volunteers. Our storage capacity (video takes up a lot of space) and security have also been markedly and positively impacted through the receipt of upgraded hardware and software.

Our community recently experienced the threat of a potential child abduction situation in our school district. Local school administration and law enforcement came to us requesting assistance in issuing a warning and educating children, parents and residents to this threat. With the help of local law enforcement, a local safety expert and the newer, faster, more efficient equipment now at our command, we were in a position to film, edit and broadcast the information in 24 hours. We would not have been in a position to accomplish this task with such efficiency prior to the introduction of TechSoup and its offerings to not-for-profit corporations such as us.

Successfully completing our daily mission positively impacts everyone in our community, and beyond, through timely information and the perpetual opportunity to inform, educate and entertain through communication that is custom tailored to them, by them.


ACTV would exist, in some form or other, without the generous assistance of TechSoup and its donors BUT, we’re in a position to offer our community not only a better product but a more timely and efficient one thanks to the opportunities offered through TechSoup and its impressive list of suppliers, especially Microsoft

On behalf of the community that enjoys this invaluable resource and opportunity.


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Optimize Mission Delivery