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NCO Youth & Family Services
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NCO is committed to supporting and enrichng the lives of individuals and families in the community.

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Team: MICROSOFT and NCO Youth & Family Services “I just finished up with a client, 17 years old, who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. When we first started working together in the fall, she battled suicidal thoughts, and at one point, was admitted into the psychiatric hospital per my recommendation due to her being actively suicidal in our session. At our last session, she stated that she no longer thinks of harming herself and that she is beyond grateful. She said that without NCO she knows she would be in the cemetery. She said that she has a future because of our agency and one that she even feels hopeful about. She stated that she had never had anyone just truly listen to her before and that the act of listening saved her life.”(Counseling Department) The Community Impact is Limitless… NCO Youth & Family Services is a small agency doing big things for our community. We are a 501(c) nonprofit organization which has been in operation since 1971 providing community-based social services for the children and families of the Chicago-land area. OUR MAIN GOAL IS TO PREVENT FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS FROM “FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS” IN OUR COMMUNITY—WE WANT TO HELP MAINTAIN A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR ALL. We have limited funds and a limited donor base and would be tremendously grateful if we receive this contribution. Our work is based on integrity, hard work, and staying in touch with our community’s needs. Microsoft makes this possible. These are our primary services and Microsoft technology plays a role in every one of them: Ø Counseling Services to individuals, families, childrenØ ADD and ADHD assistance for children and adults Ø Crisis intervention services for runaway youthØ Transitional living services to homeless young men and women ages 18-21Ø Substance abuse prevention programs for children and young adultsØ Child abuse prevention: One-on-one Parent mentoring and group parenting classes Ø Tough Times Initiative- helping families that are struggling emotionally and financially with the current economyØ Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender counseling and awareness programs How MICROSOFT plays a Mandatory Role in our Community“We could not do what we do without Microsoft!” Microsoft networks all six of our locations together strengthening our communication, cooperation, and coordination. Microsoft keeps the internal operations of our organization running smoothly: We run on Office 2007, using Excel and Word for fund-raising and accounting, and Outlook for email and board of director communication, scheduling, and contacts. Microsoft Access and Excel provide our local schools with each of their social norms marketing statistics on colorful displays for the students to view and read. Microsoft Office 2007 enables us to create our flyers and class handouts for our community parenting classes, community events, service announcements, etc. Microsoft Office 2007 manages our large scale community invitations and mailings for the fund-raising events. Microsoft provides us with valuable client/volunteer/sponsor databases with Access 2007. What would this Microsoft Donation do for NCO and the Community?The impact would be immense! We are committed to supporting and enriching the lives of individuals and families in our community and Microsoft is like the oil that keeps our community services running smoothly and efficiently. This grant would greatly increase the availability of our services to children and families. It would help us with getting the word out-- that we are here to help those that are in need. Microsoft would strengthen us mentally and physically to excel at what we are already passionately engaged in: BETTERING OUR COMMUNITY for our children! Our CURRENT impact begins with:· The Counseling and Crisis Intervention program serves over 390 (children/adults) annually. · Transitional Living has served over 200 homeless young men and women ages 18-21 since opening in 2000 working to move them to independence within 24 months. · Approximately 2400 nights of emergency shelter is provided to homeless teen boys each year at Cornerstone Shelter.· Annually the agency provides substance abuse prevention programs to over 3000 school age children and youth along with a social norms marketing campaign targeted to 14,000 high school students and 11,000 of their family households. · The Parent Mentor Program assists families with parenting struggles effecting approximately 50 children’s lives per year. Our goals for the future with Microsoft technology would include increasing our capacity to reach more families effectively and to better access our servers from the field. THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN WHO COULD BENEFIT FROM OUR SERVICES WOULD INCREASE DRAMATICALLY IF NCO WERE TO RECEIVE THIS CONTEST CONTRIBUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!J


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