British Columbia Genealogical Society Software modernization

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British Columbia Genealogical Society
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British Columbia
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Organization's Mission Statement

The Society remains ‘committed to the following aims:

  • The perpetuation of the British Columbia Heritage.
  • The collection, publication, and preservation of those materials relevant to the promotion of ethical principles, scientific methods and effective techniques in genealogical and historical research’

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Impact Essay

We have used the Microsoft provided Office Suite Pro, MS FrontPage, MS Expression Web 2 and MS XP Pro Operating System to update our library computers. Our volunteer members now use the same software to create documents that are consistent thru out our organization. The Expression Web 2 Software will help me personally as Webmaster to transition from MS FrontPage and therefore create a better Website. Without Microsoft’s generous donation, the British Columbia Genealogical Society (BCGS) would not be able to afford to provide the current online free Genealogy related Databases and other miscellaneous Documents.

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Stable and Secure Technology