Breaking the Cycle of Literacy

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Learn to Read of Northwest Florida,Inc
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"All people should be able to live fulfilling, enjoyable lives, providing for themselves and their families, and contributing to society. The mission of Learn to Read of Northwest Florida, is to ensure that no adult members of society be denied these opportunities and privileges because they cannot read and write. We will teach them"

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Impact Essay

Being a non-profit agency can be very restrictive as far as how we can engage our stakeholders. The only way we can fulfill our mission and reach the thousands of adults in Escambia and Santa Rosa County that are “functionally illiterate is through a secure and flexible infrastructure that we have at our fingertips with Mircosoft Products. The messages that we have to relay almost on a daily basis to our community would be impossible without Email Databases.

Our office staff uses the advantages of Microsoft products for everything that takes place in regard to any correspondence and record keeping for every stakeholder and business transaction everyday.

  1. All fundraisers are announced through Microsoft Outlook
  2. We engage every adult student and tutor for progress reports and matching with forms that have been designed in Publisher.
  3. All flyers regarding announcements (averaging 2 a month are constructed in Publisher)
  4. Excel is imperative to keep track of all contributions and we also use it to manage our volunteer lists.
  5. The diversity of Microsoft allows us to collect and hold all data in our area and solicit stakeholders based on studies put together from data bases

acquired from spreadsheets developed because of the versatility of Microsoft.

  1. Interaction with our Staff and Board Members is made possible by the

advantages of running effective programs that keep both informed through

electronic communications.

Note: Spreadsheets that are used are numerous: Volunteers, Board Members,

Tutors, Students, Deposits, Budgets, Fundraisers, Grants, Expenditures, Calendared Items, Office Inventory, Goal Assessments for individuals involved in our program.

We are in the process of using Access to derive a system to better equip Learn to Read of Northwest Florida, Inc. for more thorough Grant Preparation. (this is huge for us)

As Learn to Read of Northwest Florida, Inc. grows and impacts our area we are only strengthened and motivated by what can be accomplished with the tools at our fingertips with Microsoft

There are 75,000 adults who are functionally illiterate in our arena. We are transforming this area one adult at a time, one family at a time, one job at a time and one community at a time.

The only way to track any of this is with strong user friendly technology. We are only looking forward to new software from Microsoft that will empower Learn to Read of Northwest Florida, Inc. to advance our mission.

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