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Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation Group Inc.
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Pipe Creek, 
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We are dedicated to education of the environment  and the restoration of Nature -  Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation Group exists to promote conservation of natural resources through education.  We want to show and inform people : how and why to restore Nature, how to identify wildflowers and trees, how Wind- and Solar- and fuel cells energy works and why it is called "clean energy",  how and why to recycle, why and how to use a rainwater-tank, how and why use water conservation  and activ wildlife management.  Members support the educational and preservation efforts of all Nature habitats. Members  are supporting an environmental Education Center for all to enjoy and cherish while helping to  protect Nature and  precious Nature habitats.

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BSBNCG exists to protect Earth and to protect the future of the next generation! We believe that education is key in conserving and preserving our Earth for the generations to come. Teaching is the operative word in developing criteria for concerned and unconcerned citizens, alike about our Earth and allowing these persons to glean information that impacts our world. Immediate action is called for and we provide the tools to pull people in, in order to make them understand the global impact of unnoticed or unknown developments. MS software helps us to create websites - through our websites people are drawn to new developments that impact our world environment and in turn impact our families and the families of the future. Interested people have access to information which further educates. Putting people in the know, so to speak, lends impetus that we believe will change life on Earth for the better. Our weekly information to our members via email and websites allows people to cope with new developments and future developments that will affect all of us. Better informed people make better decisions. Weekly emails revealing the course of certain companies and state and federal agencies allow voters and future voters to amend their thinking and actions and realize their potential impact on the environment through exercising their right to vote en mass. Encouraging our members to write particularly to their members in congress is crucial in making democracy work. Together this impact is much greater than individual influences. Our recycling program in our county provides not only monetary support from the materials recycled but also a deeper understanding by all individuals associated with the action of using renewable resources. The young generation is particularly prone to benefit from our websites because of the many items of interest that educate them on Nature that is impacted by what their families do every day. Information created by Microsoft’s products as Word and PowerPoint are to thank for spreading the word about our preserve and labors of love involved in supporting our natural habitat that is Earth. Influencing / informing the next generation is crucial to our mission. Our preserve has stories…stories that children and their families enjoy viewing, hearing and knowing about. This above all else provides the great drive that is potentially needed to move our youngster in the community toward a better world for them and their children. By volunteering and taking care of our blue planet, members are inadvertently educated on how they are able to care for their own properties: whether it be small backyards in town, ranches that sprawl hundreds of acres, or small ranches where the need for this information is paramount. Because of the tight spaces impacted by over-grazing and stock population, as well as severe drought conditions with accompanying flash flooding and resulting erosion of badly needed top soil, the information that we deliver via donated Microsoft programs is a must have in order to lessen the increasing risk and reality of depletion of our natural resources. This in turn enhances our Earth’s future and our children’s future within it. Without Microsoft Program donation our commitment to protect our planet and the future of the next generation would not be possible. Many people are drawn into our mission simply by the creative use of Microsoft's products by our president, Peter, and his wife, Marianne. Knowing how to use renewable resources, understanding how Nature works as well as why to recycle is intrinsic to the environmental health and well-being of all communities and our planet - educating the public about conservation is essential. Education services such as the Master Conservationist Course and Certificate, as well as the info-videos, educating the public about how to stop erosion on any individual’s property, how to use renewable energy, and on how to mulch to encourage new growth on overgrazed ranch land have all been enabled through Microsoft products. With the PowerPoint Program from Microsoft, our president has created numerous brochures, posters and ads toting the aspects of Nature conservation. This encourages virtual tours at our websites and also encourages new membership. Lectures provide information to birders, botanists and biologists at area universities and colleges, as well as amateur naturalists all over Earth. Using the Microsoft MapPoint, PowerPoint and Encarta encylopedia, and MS Math, our president, Peter Bonenberger together with his wife, Marianne, has developed edu-taining lectures allowing us to deliver massive amounts of environmental information all over the globe. Collaborating with other scientists from South Texas State University , Mr. and Mrs. Bonenberger have developed research information concerning the Texas Madrone, an unique, quickly disappearing tree in the Texas Hill Country. They have confirmed a symbiotic relationship between the Texas Madrone Tree and the Texas Juniper. This information is immensely needed at a time during the over-development of our area. MS's Math program and MS Office were very helpful for BSBNC’s research.

Information gained has encouraged people to realize the awesome fauna, flora, and geological information of places they never visited, but are influencing all our life.

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