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Strengthen Reno’s arts industry, foster its civic identity and enhance its national image, thereby creating a climate for the cultural and economic rebirth of our region.

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Impact Essay

Artown would not be able to achieve our successes without the technologies generously offered to us from Microsoft and TechSoup Stock. Microsoft Access, Adobe Creative Suite and Office are extremely valuable software tools for Artown. Without these resources, we would not be able to effectively produce and deliver the many materials needed to produce such a fabulous festival.

Some of the successes Artown have been able to achieve as a result of utilizing Microsoft Access, Adobe Create Suite and Office:

Cultural Diversity –

Artown is for everyone. One of Artown’s continuing goals is to connect communities and to reach every ethnicity. Each year we try to reach an even broader, more diverse audience. Many different ethnic and cultural groups have contributed to the social, economic and cultural values of our society and should not be discarded or ignored, but rather maintained and valued. Artown utilizes Adobe Create Suite not only to create flyers, invitations, brochures, t-shirt designs, pamphlets, season passes, coupons, performance tickets, e-blasts, et al, but also to publish our Final Report. [See “Artown 2008 Final Report” and page 16 “Cultural Diversity”.]

Artown’s Valued Volunteers and Donors –

Artown is nothing without the selfless sacrifice of our passionate volunteers. Our 100 plus volunteers a year are an invaluable part making every event run smoothly. Recognition is one of the key components ensuring that our valuable volunteers come back for years to come. Last year’s post festival volunteer thank you celebration theme was “Our Volunteers are Gold!” inspired from the 2008 Olympics. One of the methods used for the party was to create a fun PowerPoint presentation thanking our volunteers. [See “Our Volunteers are GOLD” presentation.]

Each year Artown’s generous Artown donors (Friends of Artown) increase in size. Our Friends of Artown take personal ownership in helping to promote and foster local artists, inspire thousands to participate in the arts, and to bring national cutting-edge performances into our community. Every year Artown creates a new Friends of Artown pamphlet using Adobe Creative Suite. This pamphlet is mass mailed employing upon our built-up MicroSoft Access database. [See Friends of Artown pamphlet.]

Adobe Creative Suite has definitely enabled us to enhance the quality of our material and have more control of the end product. MicroSoft Access gave us the power to centralize, cross reference and run more effective programs. MicroSoft’s PowerPoint help us provide encouragement and support, and serves as a wonderful tool for promoting our festival through presentations.

Artown would like to personally thank MicroSoft and TechSoup, and everyone involved with this group effort to enable the non-profits to receive donated or discounted products. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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