Region on the Rampage

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Lakeshore Public Television
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Describe your creative piece – what is it and what has it been used for, and why is it innovative?
The piece was used as the open for Region on the Rampage, a special edition of Prep Sports Report; our long-standing high school sports show providing local coverage of high school sports. Region on the Rampage was a program highlighting the regions top achievements in basketball as local teams made their way to the state championships. We decided to keep the character of the original program but since this was a historic moment in history, we wanted our graphic elements to have a strong impact and reflect this momentous occasion. Using a combination of the new After Effects CS4 package as well as our existing Photoshop software, we re-imagined our existing logo to give us a larger impact and "polished" look. We also developed set graphics, transitional elements and other key elements for the show. Our piece is innovative because due to our upgrade in software, we were able to create graphic elements like never before, allowing us to compete with Chicago's best sports programs.
What issue or problem were you working to address with this piece?
The issue we’re addressing was to provide coverage of this event to viewers. We are a small station in the Chicago market, we fall behind the larger stations whose budgets and personnel exceed ours. Being the only station in NW Indiana, we were able to lock into our market, allowing Region on the Rampage to come to the forefront of local programming. The turnaround was also quick since the program was to air 9 days after concept. Under normal circumstances 9 days is a short deadline, but seeing as everyone here plays multiple roles on projects, the deadline was even tighter. Users in After Effects have developed tricks to help increase their productivity and quality of their work. The issues we were running into was that many of these tricks, plug-ins, presets, and other tools were designed for 7.0 or higher and we were still using 6.5. Once we upgraded it opened up new avenues for completing projects with better quality and substance, especially under tight deadlines.
How has your submission successfully impacted your organization’s ability to solve this issue/problem?
Region on the Rampage made a huge impact on our community and showed that we can compete with the larger stations in Chicago. We have sold many copies of this program to the viewers and families who wanted to have copies as keepsakes of this historical regional event. Above and beyond that, the new show design was received extremely well by management and the underwriters of the program. This "special edition" version of Prep Sports Report has become the impetus for redesigning the whole program, fueling a desire for improving our overall station look.
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