Flashback to 1969

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Ozark Arts Council
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Describe your creative piece – what is it and what has it been used for, and why is it innovative?
The Ozark Arts Council (OAC) is a cultural treasure created with money, labor, materials, and support from the community and is dedicated to enriching lives by promoting the arts in Harrison and the surrounding five counties, a primarily rural area with few art opportunities. The OAC holds a large fundraiser each year to support our mission. The 2010 event, Flashback to 1969, was different from our usual gala fundraiser. We wanted it to attract new audiences as well as serve as vehicle to educate the public on the art opportunities offered by the OAC. We found the tie-dye art on deviantart.com, received permission from the artist to use it, and then incorporated it into a series of pieces created with Adobe products - specifically Illustrator and Photoshop. First we used Illustrator to mask the tie-dye art to create the logo for the event, and then created a series of collateral, including flyers, postcards, ads, programs, t-shirts, etc. PDF was used to ready the art for printing.
What issue or problem were you working to address with this piece?
Since its founding in 1996, the OAC has presented over 100 art events per year. The OAC is the proud owner and operator of the historic Lyric Theater, which was built in 1929, and the operator of the Oak Leaf Gallery & GiftShop. The OAC supports five member organizations: The Theatre Company, Harrison Art League, Northark Drama, The Twentieth Century Club, and Woman’s Book Club. Educational Programs include the Ozark Children’s Choir and Ozark Writers’ Block. The community is not fully aware of all the opportunities offered by the OAC, and we wanted this piece to be different to entice them to attend the event, as well as get them excited about the OAC's impact on the community and how they could participate. In addition, the OAC is struggling in this economy to have operational funds (i.e. electricity, maintenance, insurance, etc.), let alone the funds to present quality programming. We hoped this piece would help raise awareness as well as funds to support our mission.
How has your submission successfully impacted your organization’s ability to solve this issue/problem?
We were able to incorporate a revised OAC logo into the collateral so that the community knew the event was presented by the OAC, as well as satisfy the Board of Directors and their love of the OAC's brand. We used the marketing materials to garner donations for our silent auction - $11,513 worth of merchandise from a variety of artists and businesses, both local and regional. The newspaper generously allowed us to print the ads full color at a quarter-page size. A vendor in a town two hours away, and one we'd never worked with before, donated the printing of the postcard. We created t-shirts for the event, something that had never been done before, and sold more than 50. The OAC was able to recruit artists and musicians who had never participated in OAC events. Despite rain the evening of the event, approximately 125 people attended and we raised over $4,500.
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