The Dementia Caregiver's Little Book of Hope

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Dementia Caregiver Resources, Inc.
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Describe your creative piece – what is it and what has it been used for, and why is it innovative?
Our book is over 100 pages of information. We hand these out at support groups, special presentations, staff trainings and to national health care corporations. They are available for free in law and doctor offices. People love the easy to use format and the great clip-art that is used throughout the book. It is innovative in that all of the information is in one easy-to-use book format. People can look up a website; get hints and tips about caring for the caregiver, verbal and non-verbal communication with someone with dementia, end of life, the brain bank program and veterans benefits. Our book can be easily carried in a purse or pocket.
What issue or problem were you working to address with this piece?
The issue(s) that we see on a daily basis are the many forms of dementia and how this impacts families. It is a dreadful disease process and can affect old and young alike. Placement in a facility for someone with Huntington’s disease who is 19 years old is going to be a much different experience than placement for an 80 year old with Alzheimer’s disease. We have solutions and current information on finding the right sources for unique situations. With over 150 identified kinds of dementia, having a reference guide to help people on the journey is so important. They now have a base, a guide, and some ideas of where to get more knowledge and this makes caregivers feel more empowered.
How has your submission successfully impacted your organization’s ability to solve this issue/problem?
Our book sets our organization apart in so many ways. This has created more opportunities to speak with families and professionals who are dealing with the different layers of getting a diagnosis, finding and using public benefits, making sure their legal/financial affairs are in place, placement, Hospice, and beyond. We are the “go to” organization to find resources and often “hidden” programs. We are also conducting continuing education for professionals in the health care field through a local college and use this book as our training material. No one else has this kind of powerful impact.