2009 Annual Report

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Art Enables
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Describe your creative piece – what is it and what has it been used for, and why is it innovative?
Our submission is our 2009 annual report, which we send to donors, buyers, and other interested parties. We wanted to create a piece that was simple - readable, economical, informative, and strong visually. We chose to create a four fold brochure that people would read and we decided to print it on a standard size 8.5 x 11 paper stock which could be folded and mailed in a business size envelope that would take $.44 postage to save money on our organization's administrative costs enabling us to concentrate on our programming.
What issue or problem were you working to address with this piece?
We were looking to create an annual report that was something that people could easily read which was visually appealing and economical to produce.
How has your submission successfully impacted your organization’s ability to solve this issue/problem?
We have created an annual report that looks good, really good and is representative of our organization and our focus on our participants and their artwork.
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